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Mattes™ All-Purpose Half Pad w/ Rear Sheepskin Trim


E. A. Mattes™ Platinum Collection Sheepskin

Mattes™ is the leader in sheepskin pads for quality, density, resilience, and purpose. Designed with no seams on the highest grade sheepskin available, Mattes Sheepskin Pads are beyond comparison. A longtime favorite among riders of all disciplines, Mattes™ are the go-to pads in stables all over the world.

The Spinefree® design prevents any pressure in the wither area and along the spine, providing an anatomically correct topline which allows for optimal clearance along the length of the spine.

Available in Black, White or Custom Colors, these half pads fit neatly under the saddle and can be used directly on the horse’s back or on top of a quilted pad that has a similar shaped top line, such as the Mattes Quilt Only Pads.    


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