Tri-Zone® Allsports Boots II


As most of us know, "No hoof (or leg) horse", so it goes without saying that leg protection is a top priority for all riders and their horses.

Equilibrium is a leading authority in the design and manufacture of products that ensure the highest protection, health and safety of our horses. 

During exercise, tendons heat significantly and are more vulnerable to injury. 

Made to address this problem and for today's modern equestrian, Equilibrium's Tri-Zone® Allsports Boots II's revolutionary design combats the challenge of over-heating of the horse’s tendons whilst offering the highest level of leg protection for a wide range of activities--jumping, cross-country, flatwork, trail riding, longeing and turnout.


  • One of the most versatile boots on the market
  • Ideal for all levels of activity: schooling, jumping, cross-country, flatwork, trail riding, longeing and turnout.
  • Designed to be used on front or hind legs


  • Very light, breathable and extremely tough
  • Minimizes weight on the leg which can reduce injuries caused by tiredness
  • Exceptional flexibility provides freedom of movement


  • Three-layer Tri-Zone® Airlite system
  • Outer layer made from an EVA mesh provides additional shock absorption and allows heat, moisture and water to escape
  • Inner layer of soft, impact-absorbing EVA™ formed into perforated pillows provides maximum comfort and heat dissemination
  • Integral, middle layer, TPU shield protects tendons
  • Double VELCRO® brand fasteners provide secure fit