Halter Ego by Blackjak Refinery - Pink Veined Jade Browband

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Pink Veined Jade
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These gorgeous browbands are part of the Halter Ego By Blackjak Refinery Collection.

Beautifully designed and hand-sewn, these browbands are made of rich, soft padded black leather and various semi-precious stones and CZ crystals.  Each one is the only one of its design in the collection.

Pink jade is jadeite, a mineral of sodium and silicate of aluminum. There are a wide range of beliefs and myths surrounding this stone. All jadeite, including pink, are considered a gentle healer with the ability to rid the body of toxins. It has a tremendous effect on the nervous system and some people carry it with them and hold it during times of worry.

The gem, besides having a splendid beauty, fosters love, wealth and protection. Like all jades, this symbolizes the Confucian virtues: wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage.

Pink veined Jade beads. 

Wave shaped. Pony - 13 1/2".


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