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Halter Ego

Novelty Socks - Knee High

$11.99  $15.95

Some options are running low, order soon! (Click for details.)
  • 4 x Apples Green
  • 3 x Bam Pow!
  • 3 x Beige Buttons
  • 5 x Cow Spots
Apples Black
Apples Green
Bam Pow!
Beige Buttons
Cow Spots
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Show your fun equestrian personality with these amazing socks!! The Cotton/Nylon/Spandex blend gives great breathability and keeps them snug on your calf. 

Choose from : Cow Spots, Apples in Black and Green, Beige Buttons or Bam Pow!

Why not choose them all?!!!

Size 9-11 Ladies Sock size

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