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Perfection Breeches (Almost!)


These breeches are from our first production and are 1" smaller in the waist.  We fixed that on the next production.  Size up 1 size!

These breeches got their name because when we asked our test riders what they felt like to ride in all day, the answer was the same from everyone - "Perfection!"

Made in a mid-weight fabric, these breeches have a great amount of stretch for all day comfort, and a silicone seat that has JUST the right amount of grip to assist but not interfere with your seat.  

Our signature breech has a mid rise and flattering waistband that is wider but not too wide, with accenting stitching, piping, and embroidery details. 

Try our breeches and they will be the only ones you'll want to ride in!

Navy w/Royal Blue Piping & Details - Sizes 22" - 40"

Black w/Silver Piping & Details - Sizes 22" - 40"

White w/Black Seat & Black Piping & Details - Sizes 22" - 40"

White w/Grey Seat & Gray Piping & Details - Sizes 22" - 40"

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