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Halter Ego®

Halter Ego® 'Arie' Metallic Turquoise Snaffle Bridle


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Black/Lt.Metallic Blue
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The Arie Snaffle Bridle is made of the highest grade, vegetable tanned leather and has soft, light-blue, metallic Nappa leather padding under Noseband and under Anatomical Crown Piece

Silver and Light Blue Crystal Browband perfectly complements the Light Blue Metallic Padding on the Noseband and Crown.  

Crank Noseband with flash attachment.

Halter Ego embossed logo.

Comes with set of 5/8" Rubber reins with pebbles. 

Cob or Full size. 

Halter Ego™ bridles are manufactured from high quality, vegetable tanned leather that is eco-friendly rather than chemically tanned.

The leather is in the ground for several months with natural barks such as chestnut, oak or hemlock, then spun in a drum for three days to produce the required colour.

The resulting leather has a beautiful finish and soft feel.

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