Halter Ego®

Halter Ego® Metallic Teal Croc Holiday Halter


This Metallic Teal Croc Holiday Halter is our new staff favorite! Made with gorgeous Metallic Teal Croc Leather, and plush Nappa Leather padding with stainless steel buckles and fittings. Pair this together with our matching Metallic Teal dog collar for the perfect matchy matchy set!

Design Details include:

Metallic Teal Conical noseband 

Plush black Nappa leather padding

Silver Buckles/Closures

Part of the Metallic Teal Holiday Collection - indulge yourself and get the matching bridle and dog collar!

Halter Ego® halters are manufactured from high quality, vegetable tanned leather that is eco-friendly rather than chemically tanned.

The leather is in the ground for several months with natural barks such as chestnut, oak or hemlock, then spun in a drum for three days to produce the required colour.

The resulting leather has a beautiful finish and soft feel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Heather Rollf
Stunning halter

The leather is great quality. The color is beautiful and the design looks amazing.

Destiny B.
Absolutely gorgeous ✨

I got this for my German Riding Pony, I bought the cob size and it fits well and is highly adjustable. He is sort of between a pony and cob size. Everyone is complementing it when they see it and it’s high quality, very padded as well.

sheryl north
Love the Teal Croc Halter

It's such a lovely color and so beautiful! The X-Full fits my draft cross well.