Then there was Style...

What happens when an enterprising group of people with experience in retail, ecommerce, technology and professional riding combine their talents with their passion for all things equestrian?

A world of curated discovery for the modern equestrian is born….

Style Equestrian is a retail platform that champions new, emerging designers and under-sung brands from around the globe.

A place that promotes entrepreneurial spirit, quality, function, performance, and expression of individual style

Our customers are bold and creative people – they want to look like themselves, not the masses.  They have a sense of adventure and competition. They are always striving to do better today than they did yesterday, and their individual style is expressed in every equestrian purchase they make.

Inspired to cultivate the individuality of the horse and rider across fashion and lifestyle, we have made it our business to scour the globe for cutting edge equestrian clothing and equipment that provides function, form, performance and style.

We celebrate innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, quality and substance.  Each designer/brand we represent has a story and people that we believe in.  They have the courage to bring their passion and vision to market and we are committed to helping their businesses grow.

Whether you are searching for a unique show shirt, every day polo, next generation magnet therapy boots or colored titanium spurs, Style Equestrian has something to offer every rider who is looking for suggestions on the journey of discovering their style... 

Beyond our commercial purpose, Style Equestrian selectively invests in young up and coming and professional riders through sponsorship and grants.  We believe in giving back and will soon be announcing the charities we have chosen to support by donating a percentage of all 2017 sales to their causes.

Join us in empowering emerging equestrian designers worldwide and put your dollars back to work within the community!

The Style Equestrian Team  xoxo