Leather Halters For Horses

 Every Halter Ego® halter is crafted using the highest quality vegetable tanned leather. The eco-friendly vegetable tanning process creates leather that is incredibly durable, with rich colors, a beautiful finish and a soft feel.
The result is a superior, long-lasting product designed with both style and your horse’s comfort in mind. Each one of our custom horse halters is padded for added softness and protection. In addition, all of our halters for sale feature high-quality stainless fittings, buckle closures on both sides and an easy-to-use snap release at the throatlatch.
We offer a large selection of horse halters in a variety of unique styles, colors, patterns, piping and textures. With over 35 gorgeous designs to choose from, you can find the one that shows off your horse and fits your style — whether in the barn, attending a clinic or away at a show. 
Browse through our selection of beautiful horse halters and find the one that makes your horse stand out from the masses while reflecting your own identity. 
Many of our padded horse halter designs can be matched to our bridles and browbands, giving you a uniform look that’s truly all your own.