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Equestrian Women’s Clothing

Dressing for success is not just for the office — it’s also important for riders. To perform at your best, you need innovative riding apparel that works with you, not against you. That's why Halter Ego has made it our mission to offer high-performance and comfortable horse apparel for women.  


Our designers are always tasked with hitting the refresh button. We wanted our collection of horse clothing for women to be fashion-forward and fresh — and of course, we insisted that our equestrian women's clothing also be well-constructed. Long hours in the saddle and at the barn can take their toll on ladies’ equestrian clothing, so we only offer pieces that will last.  


Our breeches, for example, are crafted from high-tech fabric that will wick away moisture from your skin. This means you'll feel drier and cooler longer than you would wearing traditional materials. Halter Ego's breeches are also made with four-way stretch, so that they'll move with you while still providing plenty of support. 


Halter Ego offers painstaking attention to detail in our women’s horse riding clothing. Some of our small touches include a silicone grip inside the waistband of our breeches to keep your riding shirt tucked in place, and streamlined Lycra socks on the lower leg panels that fit under your riding boots.


Of course, to truly dress for success, you should also stand out from the herd. Halter Ego gets that, and so do our designers. They've gone all out for our riders by serving up next-level apparel. Think luxurious style and eye-catching details, such as metallic gunmetal embroidery and contrasting piping on our breeches, as well as lace accents on our tops.


If you've been searching for ultraposh horse riding clothes for ladies, look no further. Halter Ego has everything you need right here.