Saddle Pads For Horses

At Halter Ego, we are here to help you elevate your saddle pad game — because yes, that is a thing! While some riders might be satisfied with a simple pad under their saddle, we know that there is one thing our Halter Ego riders aren't, and that's basic.


First and foremost, your horse is an athlete and deserves more than just the standard saddle pad. That's why our saddle pads have been designed to provide your horse with the ultimate in fit, comfort and function whether you're competing in the show ring, schooling or hacking out with friends. Like human athletes, horses perform better when their equipment fits well and feels good, so our thoughtfully designed saddle pads are crafted from the most innovative and best of materials, such as high-quality European cotton and performance fabrics that are quick-drying, moisture-wicking, cooling and dirt-repellent. Our designers have also included other critical design elements in our saddle pads that will make your horse whinny in delight, such as more room at the withers and anti-slip fabric.


At Halter Ego, you can buy saddle pads for jumping, cross country and dressage that have been specifically designed to enhance your horse's performance in these disciplines — but we didn't stop there! Our unique saddle pads are infused with luxurious style without sacrificing function. Fresh accents on our saddle pads for sale include a touch of sassy bling here, a hint of metallic sheen there. Because we wanted to give you plenty of options for creating your own unique, statement-making look, we made sure to offer these pads in a wide range of dazzling colors.


Please make sure to check out our Matchy Matchy section. There, you'll find matching accessories for our luxury saddle pads for horses, including ear nets, fleece bandages and brushing boots. These items will give you a finished and stylish look that is sure to turn the heads of your competitors and judges alike.