Full-Seat Breeches

Who doesn't enjoy a really nice pair of full-seat breeches?  At Halter Ego, we're kind of obsessed. And we’ve worked hard designing, developing, and testing the best fitting and most flattering styles.


High-waisted full-seat breeches; mid or low rise; blingy or timeless; every day riding or competition. We have exactly what you’ve been looking for, as well as some things you probably didn’t even know you needed! 


Halter Ego’s full-seat riding tights and breeches offer quality, comfort, fashion and performance. And because we don’t believe in compromising, our luxury, figure-flattering breeches have been designed for full functionality and flair. 


We know that athletes need clothing that will work with them, not against them. It’s hard enough dealing with heat, rain, wind and cold while trying to work with a horse full of sass — the last thing you need is uncomfortable breeches making your job more difficult. That’s why our bold, performance-driven breeches are crafted from high-tech, four-way-stretch material that moves and flows with you. 


This high-performance fabric also wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you feeling cooler and more comfortable. Another plus? The stretch in this material provides added support, which can perk up even the flattest of booties.  


And because we know our Halter Ego athletes are anything but basic, we’ve infused our full-seat riding breeches with stylish, eye-catching details: a touch of metallic trim here or bold contrasting piping there. We've also added a few next-level details that you won't see at first glance, such as a silicone grip on the waistband to keep your shirt neatly tucked in.


Our full-seat riding pants come in a wide variety of colors and styles, including mid- and high-waisted breeches, so you never have to look like everyone else at the barn or on the show grounds. Let your personality shine through — we're pretty sure we have the perfect breech for everyone!