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Women’s Breeches

The three rules to making the perfect breeches? They should be figure-flattering, super comfortable and add security to your ride. Halter Ego understands these rules and we’ve crafted our women’s breeches to meet these standards at their highest levels.
We start by using high-tech performance fabric with plenty of supportive four-way stretch, so that your breeches will not just move with you, but will also hug your "assets" like a second skin. This breathable fabric also wicks moisture away, which means you'll stay drier longer.
Even more importantly, our silicone-grip full-seat and knee-patch ladies’ breeches are designed to keep you feeling confident and secure in your saddle, whether you're heading towards that monster jump or schooling a flighty green-broke filly. The silicone also gives you a cleaner, more polished look than traditional horse riding pants for women. And speaking of looks, you can be assured that our women's riding breeches have also been designed for their stylish, eye-catching design. Absolutely no basic breeches here.
Finally, it's Halter Ego's small details that really make our women’s breeches shine. As you know, in the horse world the smallest details that can matter. A Kentucky Derby winner might edge its competitor by a nose, and a slight tap of a hoof might take down a rail that costs you the show jumping win. That's why we've packed our innovative women's horseback riding pants with special features, such as a touch of silicone at the waistband to help keep your top in place and a Lycra sock on the lower leg panel that will fit easily under your boots.
At Halter Ego, we pride ourselves on being innovative and staying in front of the herd. If you're searching for the latest on-trend, cutting edge horse rider clothing to add to your barn and competition wardrobe, look no further. We’ve got you covered.