Knee Patch Breeches

Style, functionality and comfort — too often when riders are purchasing knee patch breeches, they're asked to sacrifice one element in order to get the others. At Halter Ego, we don't believe in making riders compromise on the features that are important to them. Instead, we offer a carefully curated collection of knee patch riding breeches that are built to perform, flatter and support.


Riders don't always think of themselves as athletes — but they definitely are. Controlling a large, unpredictable animal with a mind of its own can be a complete body and soul workout. We have worked overtime to give riders everything they need: Our breeches are crafted from a four-way-stretch fabric to give athletes maximum freedom of movement — and because this fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable, our riders feel fresher and cooler for a longer period of time. 


Riders will also love the extra details that elevate our Halter Ego riding breeches from basic to “wow!” Think elegant piping, sparkle trim and accent stitching. We also use silicone grip knee patches instead of traditional suede or synthetic suede patches for a cleaner, sportier and more up-to-date look. Another reason we love the silicone riding tights knee patch? In comparison to traditional patches, they're more breathable and stretchier.


These stylish, high-performance breeches come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Whether you're schooling a flighty two-year-old or competing at the highest Grand Prix level, we're sure you'll find the perfect knee patch riding tights right here.