Ladies’ Riding Accessories

Soigné is a French word meaning well-groomed, sleek and elegantly maintained. At Halter Ego, we proudly carry the ladies’ riding accessories you need to be soigné in the saddle. Our collection of women’s accessories includes handmade stock pins, high-performance riding gloves, lightweight spurs and fashionable belts.

When you are wearing ladies’ riding accessories that match your horse's tack, you're serving notice to your competitors (and judges) that every detail matters to you. And that you are 100% in it to win it.

We are especially proud of our unique spur straps that have been designed to match our limited-edition bridles. As for our riding gloves, they are the perfect blend of fashion and function. They're crafted from a high-tech, lightweight synthetic leather for maximum dexterity and grip. These impeccable gloves also boast extra protection against rubbing from the reins. As always, we've added our signature Halter Ego flair with subtle sparkle on each pair of gloves.

Speaking of sparkle, we know that Halter Ego riders will delight in our artsy stock pins, which are handcrafted from high-quality crystals. They're just the bling you need to stand out in the show ring.

Ready to add the perfect finishing touches to your riding attire? Then make sure to check out these as well as the other items in our ladies’ accessories collection. We know you'll find everything you need to rock the show ring in style!