Halter Ego®

Elsa - Neon Blue with Blue Glitter Piping Halter

Blue Neon Patent

Our Elsa Snaffle finally has a matching Halter! 

This halter is an eye capturing combination of neon blue patent leather, light blue padding, and subtle blue glitter piping. With buttery soft Nappa leather padding on the noseband and the crownpiece, this halter is super comfortable and stylish. 

Design Details include:

Neon Patent Conical noseband 

Plush Blue Nappa leather padding

Blue Glitter Piping

Silver Buckles/Closures

Halter Ego® halters are manufactured from high quality, vegetable tanned leather that is eco-friendly rather than chemically tanned.

The leather is in the ground for several months with natural barks such as chestnut, oak or hemlock, then spun in a drum for three days to produce the required colour.

The resulting leather has a beautiful finish and soft feel.

*This Halter is not not meant to be left in the rain, or in unusually hot or extreme weather conditions. Please treat it with extra love and care as any unique colors, coatings, and dyes are special treatments that give the leather it's one of a kind look.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Channing Blue
Most magical halter!

This is stunning. Fits true to size. Changes color based on lighting from pink to blue to light purple! I bought this for my horse and didn’t expect it to be so amazing! But it is & I’d gladly buy another! So happy with my purchase. It’s great quality & I get so many compliments.

Kerri M.
The most adorable thing for my daughters pony

It’s stunning, and couldn’t look better on my daughters pony, I had to have the throat latch tacked in, and added to holes on the crown piece for the 11.2 hand pony, but that was expected

Cara Peters
Beautiful, unique, high quality

Such a gorgeous halter, even better than the pictures. Well made, looks like it is going to be very durable. Fits true to size