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Halter Ego™

Halter Ego® Leather Halter With Top Stitching - Seville Orange


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  • 1 x Seville Orange / X-Full
Seville Orange
Seville Orange
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Limited edition Halter Ego™ stitched leather halters made of Italian grade leather and soft Napa padding on the poll and noseband.    

Design details include raised poll, sides & noseband, buckle closures on both sides, subtle stitching & stainless steel hardware.

Colors: Tiffany Blue, Dove Grey, Seville Orange and Purple.

Additional colors available as special order - Minimum quantities apply.

Sizes: Pony (Tiffany Blue), Cob, Full, X-Full

Special Order Sizes: Mini, Pony. Minimum order quantity may apply.

 Pre-Order delivery times apply.



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